Worried that you have too few teeth to support bridgework? Seeking an alternative to conventional dentures that have to be removed. Implant supported fixed and removable replacement options open up a vista of affordable possibilities.


All ceramic crowns and bridges are an excellent long term esthetic solution for patients.
« stability and precise fit
« Excellent long term natural aesthetics
« Biocompatibility


Complete Dentures : If some reason you have lost all your teeth, don't worry. Complete dentures are an economical solution for those for whom implant based replacements are not recommended

Senior Citizens

replace missing teeth and may either be fixed if the remaining teeth can provide enough support or may be removable if too few teeth are left or if no teeth are there to provide support.

Fixed dentures are usually called 'bridges'. Just like any other bridge they are supported at either end by CROWNS on supporting teeth & the bridge portion consists of one or more false teeth suspended between the supports.

Another type of fixed denture is one where a crown is made over an implant embedded into the bone in the region of the missing tooth.

Removable dentures may be partial if only few teeth are missing & these are ideally made of a combination of metal & plastic. Another option is temporary transitional partial dentures made completely of plastic (pink acrylic for the gums & white acrylic for the teeth)

'Full' or complete dentures replace the entire set of missing teeth.

Removable dentures are subject to wear & tear & the underlying supporting bone also keeps changing. So it is advisable to visit your dentist once in 6 months for a relining if necessary. This is similar to resoling of shoes or retreading of tires; a small thickness of fresh pink acrylic is added to make your dentures fit like new to avoid discomfort & other problems resulting from wearing loose dentures.



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